Before the weather gets too cold, why not brush up on your driving skills. Pennsylvania residents with a motorcycle license or learners permits are able to take free courses through the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program. There are approximately 70 locations throughout Pennsylvania.

The course consists of 5-hour in class instructions and 10 hours of practical riding. For new riders, this is a chance to have a hands-on learning experience to feel confident and safe on the roadways. For experience riders, it is an opportunity to correct any unsafe riding habits. 

If you have already completed the first  basic course, there is a second course you can take. This second course allows the driver of the motorcycle to carry a passenger and learn steering techniques.

Finally, a three-wheeled motorcycle course is also being given. If you take the three wheeled course and pass, you will be issued a license with a “9" restriction, meaning you are not permitted to operate a two wheeled motorcycle.

Regardless of the course you enroll in, you must have either a motorcycle license or permit. If you don’t have all the equipment, don’t worry, riders will be provided with a helmet and a motorcycle but you must bring all other protective gear such as glasses, gloves, boots and a jacket.