As a follow up to a previous post, below are a few additional questions which are usually asked during a deposition:

Other Medical Conditions
You will be asked questions about other current medical condition(s) or treatment(s) you are receiving which are not related to the accident.  Although these questions are likely not relevant to your claim, the Defendant’s attorney has the right to inquire about these during the deposition.
Prior Medical Conditions/Injuries
If you had any prior medical condition or injury to a part of your body injured in your current claim, the Defendant’s attorney will ask you questions about this.  Questions will include when you had these conditions/injuries/who you treated with for the condition/injury and when.
Prior Accidents
Whether you were involved in a prior or subsequent accident, such as a car accident, sports accident, slip and fall accident, work incident, the Defendant’s attorney may ask about such happenings.
The Pain You Experience       
You are entitled to be compensation for the pain you experience as a result of the accident.  It is important that you are able to describe the pain you experience; the  level of pain you experience; the duration and extent of your pain, the frequency and intensity of your pain.  Only you can explain the pain you are experiencing and have experienced.  If you are having trouble describing your pain, think if any of the following help describe what you feel: sharp, aching, sore, throbbing, pounding, stabbing, radiating, tight, tearing, pulling, wrenching, tingling, intense, unbearable, agonizing, dreadful.
The pain you experience may also be different at times of the day or based upon your activity level.  Describing how your pain can change based on your activity level is important in understanding what you are dealing with.
Often the Defendant’s attorney may ask you to describe your pain using a 0-10 scale.  One being little or no pain and ten being the most excruciating pain imaginable.  If you are comfortable using numbers instead of words, this is acceptable.

How The Injury(ies) Effect Your Life: You are also entitled to compensation for the loss of enjoyment of life’s pleasures caused by your injury(ies).  Questions asked usually focus on things you cannot do now or must do differently now because of your injury(ies).  In describing effects on your life, you may want to consider the following: work activities; recreational activities or hobbies; social activities; normal daily living activities; household activities; family activities.
Remember: don’t be nervous about the deposition.  Be yourself!  Tell your story!  You have experienced the impacts of the accident.  You will do fine!!!