During most depositions, questions in the following areas are asked:

  • General Background: Name, age, residence, marital status, children, who you live with, school experience, military experience, work experience, recreation activities, hobbies.
  • How The Accident Occurred? You will be asked very specific questions about how the accident occurred, including what you did and what you observed.  Questions may focus on time or distance issues.  Be careful when answering specific questions regarding time or distance.  If you can only give an estimate, remember to say it is only an estimate.
  • You will also be asked questions about what happens to your body during the accident. To the extent you can remember how your body was caused to move during the accident, it is important that you communicate this to the attorney.
  • Injuries: You will be asked to describe what parts of your body were injured as a result of the accident.  You will be asked specific questions about when you began to experience injury(ies) and for how long you continued to experience injury(ies).
  • Medical Treatment For Your Injuries: Although the Defendant’s attorney has been given all the information and records regarding your medical treatment this is the opportunity to confirm that all medical treatment and providers have been produced.  You should know generally who you treated with; generally when you saw them; and generally what they did for you.  Again, this is not a memory test and you are not expected to know exact times and dates.  In addition, you are not a medical doctor and you are not expected to know medical terminology or diagnoses.  The lay person’s explanation of what hurts and how it hurts in best.