Depositions are normally held in either the office of the Plaintiff’s attorney or the office of the Defendant’s attorney. Typically the following individuals are present: the Plaintiff, Plaintiff’s attorney, Defendant(s), Defendant(s)’ attorney, and a stenographer.

Deposition Instructions: During your deposition, you may hear the following instructions prior to the deposition taking place:

  • Reminder that your testimony is under oath and has the same force and effect as if you are testifying in open court;
  • Listen to the question carefully and if you do not understand the question, say you don’t understand the question;
  • Allow the question to be asked completely before answering to avoid talking at the same time.  The stenographer cannot record two people talking at the same time;
  • Provide verbal responses.  Since a stenographer is recording the deposition, only words can be recorded.  Gestures or shaking of the head cannot be recorded;
  • You may be asked if you are under the influence of any substance that would effect your ability to understand the question(s) or provide answer(s) to the question(s);
  • If you need a break during the deposition for any reason just say so and a break will be provided.