Recently, two employees were charged with abusing a dementia patient at Quadrangle Community at Sunrise Senior Living. The abuse was caught on a hidden camera set up by the victim’s family members. The camera, disguised as a clock, was placed in the victim’s room by the family after they suspected the abuse. The authorities have disclosed that the video shows that the 78-year old victim was topless while the “caretakers” taunted and tugged at the victims’ ears. Quadrangle is run by Sunrise Senior Living.
Unfortunately physical, mental and sexual abuse is a far too common occurrence at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. At Stark & Stark we have a proven track record of go after the individual as well as the facility in cases of abuse. If you have any suspicion that your loved one may be a victim of intentional abuse or inadvertent neglect please call me at 267-907-9600.