June 20, 2011 is the 20th Annual “Ride to Work Day”.  On this day more than twice the normal number of motorcycle riders are expected to join.  Stark & Stark believes “Ride to Work Day” is an important day for showcasing motorcycles and to protect and promote motorcycle riding With more motorcycles on the road, riders become more visible to motor vehicle drivers which makes them more aware of the presence of motorcycles. 

Along those lines The Riders Lawyers at Stark & Stark want to remind you to ride safely.  Specifically, when you are riding with passengers on your bike keep in mind that you should consider certain adjustments to your bike such as the tire pressure and suspension settings.  In addition, the extra weight of the passenger will tend to make motorcycles slower to respond to steering and may require more throttle to start. In addition,  greater brake pressure will be needed to slow and stop and cornering clearance will be reduced because of the passenger’s extra weight.

As always Stark & Stark encourages safe and responsible riding and urges you to ride you motorcycle on “Ride to Work Day” to make all road users conscious of motorcycles and increase safety for motorcycles on the roadway.