Approximately 70% of insurance companies use software programs, such as COLOSSUS, Claims Outcome Advisor and Injury IQ, in order to evaluate personal injury claims. Large insurance companies such as Allstate and Erie utilize these programs in order to minimize costs. These programs determine general non-economic damages on the claims of people injured in motor vehicle accidents and premises liability cases. The programs generate settlement offers based on diagnosis, treatment and other intangible factors such as how the injuries affected the person’s activities of daily living (ADL). The information is input by insurance adjusters and the program provides a settlement range. Insurance companies must settle the case at or below that range.

When dealing with insurance companies that use these software programs, an attorney representing the injured victim provide a very detailed and thorough analysis of the medical records in order to maximize the settlement offer. Here at Stark & Stark, we have vast experience in dealing with insurance companies that utilize these software programs. Our team of attorneys and paralegals interview clients in order to obtain information which will maximize the recovery. Additionally, we carefully and methodically review medical records to highlight the specific factors which will maximize the result for our clients.