More and more, workers are being forced to drive their own vehicles when performing during working hours in order to perform work activities and duties. However, less and less, employers are providing little or no protection for employees if they are involved in an accident.

This post is final installment in a nine part series discussing what you should know when driving your car during work. This installment will discuss what you should do if your workers’ compensation carrier attempts to be paid back from monies you received under other policies of insurance. (You can view previous posts in this series online here)

Under certain circumstances, the workers’ compensation carrier who paid medical and/or wage loss benefits to you may have a right to be paid back if you receive monetary compensation from another source. However, this right to be paid back is limited. An experienced workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney can review your claims and determine if pay back is required and what amount must be paid back.

As you can see what appears to be a simple motor vehicle accident during work can turn into something very complicated.  If you do not carefully identify and coordinate the benefits you are entitled to, you can lose significant sums of money and benefits.