Although many people who apply for social security disability benefits (SSDI) and supplemental security income benefits, are understandably dismayed at the amount of time it takes for their application or appeal to be processed, there are a group of specific conditions which warrant a quick review and decision.  This process is called Compassionate Allowance and it’s purpose is to provide benefits quickly to applicaants whose medical conditions are so serious that they clearly meet disability standards. 

Examples of these conditions are: fatal cancers, Tay Sachs Disease, early Alzheimers and other rare diseases, most of which are fatal.    The time frame for receiving a fully favorable decision if you or a loved one has one of the Compassionate Allowance Disabilities is usually 3 months or less. There is no special application required for Compassionate Allowance.  The process is triggered by the medical conditions noted by the applicant on the application which are  documented in the medical  records submitted.

There are currently 88 conditions which now qualify for Compassionate Allowance. A list of these conditions can be found on the social security website.