Halloween is this weekend and, hopefully, we will all have a fun, safe time.  Here are some common sense safety tips that we should all follow:

  1. Be sure that your children know how to cross the street properly.  They should always look both ways before crossing the street, and they should only cross at corners or crosswalks.  If you have more than one child, they should hold hands when crossing.  The older children should look out for their younger siblings.
  2. Children should carry flashlights to avoid tripping in the dark.
  3. Make sure your childs’ costume will not be a tripping hazard.   Make sure robes and capes are at an appropriate length.  If they are wearing a mask of any kind, make sure that the eye holes are large enough so they can easily see.
  4. Consider bright and/or reflective costumes so that drivers will be able to see them easily.
  5. Make sure that the outfits are fire-proof or treated with fire retardant.
  6. Make sure that if your children are carrying any props, that they are safe.  Look for sharp edges, pointy edges; consider weight and height. 
  7. At least one adult should walk around with the kids to keep an eye on everything.
  8. If your older children are trick-or-treating alone, make sure you know what neighborhoods they will be visiting.  Have them take a cellphone and have a check-in/communication plan.   
  9. Set a time that you want your children to be home.
  10. Remind your children that they should not get into strangers’ cars or go into the homes of strangers.

Halloween should be a fun, safe, and happy time for everyone.