Residents in Plumstead, Pennsylvania having been living with serious problems with their water since the June 29th fire that destroyed an industrial building on Stump Road.  Homeowners believe water used to fight the fire and subsequent rains contributed to moving chemicals from the site into their drinking water. 

It took an estimated 3 million gallons of water to put out the fire that destroyed the industrial building.  The blaze continued to flare up over the course of about a week and firefighters were at the scene time and again to extinguish the hot spots.

Benzene and antimony were among the pollutants found in the drinking water at one Ann Drive home.  Exposure to unsafe levels of benzene can lead to cancer, anemia, excessive bleeding and weaken the immune system.

Stark & Stark is trying to help people that were affected by this.  Attorneys are investigating the damages that were suffered to individuals’ homes and possibly to their health.

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