When you are at a casino having a good time, the last thing you think about is being hurt.  However, thousands of casino patrons are hurt every year. 

Most people are hurt when they slip and fall because of a wet casino floor.   The marble floors may be beautiful, but the casino’s employees know that they are also very slippery when wet. Unfortunately people can be seriously hurt when they fall.
Patrons can also be hurt when they are confronted by individuals that become drunk at a casino bar.  The casinos have an obligation to make sure their premises are safe for everyone.  Casinos are obligated to stop serving people if they are drunk.

Most casinos have incredible security systems.  While you are inside the casino, you are almost always being watched by the “eye in the sky” – a video camera.  These videos may be very important to proving your case later in court.

If you are hurt at a casino, you should strongly consider hiring a Philadelphia based law firm, like Stark & Stark, P.C.  The casinos can be sued in Philadelphia.  This is usually better for you than suing a casino in their own town, like Atlantic City.  Would you want a jury filled with people that work in the casino industry deciding your case?