I recently recovered a significant settlement for an individual who was injured while riding his motorcycle in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The middle-aged biker was out for a nice Sunday ride when another car pulled out in front of him. The biker did not have enough time to lay down his bike and instead struck the hood of the car. After flying through the air, the biker landed on his back. Fortunately for the biker he was wearing a helmet and protective clothing. Nonetheless, he suffered serious injuries to his back.

Speed, a sense of independence, and the open air are just a few of the reasons many people ride motorcycles. Unfortunately, drivers of automobiles often fail to notice motorcycles. Their focus and attention are on other cars. Consequently, motorcycle accidents often involve a combination of inattentive motorists and hard-to-see motorcycles. Motorcycle accidents are likely to result in major injuries, including head injuries, spinal cord injuries and other serious injuries, often times resulting in death.