Edward Shensky, Shareholder in Stark & Stark’s Personal Injury Group, obtained a $3,200,000 settlement for a client and his family after he was electrocuted by an electric high voltage power line. Mr. Shensky’s client owned a home whose back yard shared a property line with a utility right-of-way. The branches of a fast-growing tree, located in the right-of-way, surrounded an electric line leading to the client’s home. Interference from the tree branches had caused repeated electrical outages over an extended period of time.

Mr. Shensky’s client made numerous requests to the utility company to have the tree trimmed, however, they took no action. Mr. Shensky’s client then took matters into his own hands, and climbed the tree in an attempt to trim the branches himself. Unfortunately, he came in contact with a high voltage power line and was electrocuted which caused severe and permanent brain damage.