Last Saturday the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that a registered nurse was charged with stealing $22,000 from an elderly Alzheimer’s patient she was caring for.  The nurse was assisting the patient with the types of activities that Alzheimer’s typically need help with.  (You can read the full article online here.)

Unfortunately, crimes against the elderly by their care givers are increasing.  While typical cases involve neglect in nursing homes which often lead to pressure ulcers (commonly called bedsores), improper supervision which can lead to catastrophic falls or other examples of neglect, I am seeing more and more cases of patients being victimized by those who are paid to care for them.

For example, I am currently handling the case of an 91 year old  woman who was sexually assaulted by an employee of her nursing home.  Before the Alzheimer’s had caused full-blown dementia, my client actually complained to her aide, an employee of the facility,  that a groundskeeper had been kissing her.  Tragically, nothing was done.  One month prior to her death, a nurse walked into my client’s room and found the same groundskeeper sexually assaulting her.  At his criminal hearing the groundskeeper claimed that this 91 year old Alzheimer’s patient had consented to the assault!  When my client agreed to pay thousands of dollars a month to be cared for by this facility little did she know that her complaints would be ignored and the security at the home was woefully inadequate.

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