Stark & Stark Accident & Personal Injury attorney Carin O’Donnell received a $1,000,000 jury verdict for a Union Ironworker with a 40% comparative negligence offset in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas.  In November of 2005 Ms. O’Donnell’s client was working on the roof of 928 Race Street resizing a skylight opening.  He was not wearing fall protection when he was pulled through the skylight opening by a co-worker. After falling 30 feet the worker sustained brain hemorrhages, fractures to the lumbar and sacral vertebras and an elbow fracture.
Carin O’Donnell is an attorney who has a long-standing relationship representing union members and their families. Coming from a union family, her father a former business agent of the Ironworkers L.U. 401, husband a member of Carpenter’s Local 1462 and brother a member of Electrician’s Local 98, Ms. O’Donnell shares a special connection with working families.