As a follow up to a recent post the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, on a concurring vote, approved House Bill 2295 yesterday (199-0).  The House originally passed HB 2295 on June 11, 2008. After the House originally approved the Bill in June, it was then sent to the Senate. The Senate approved the Bill, but also added additional language to the Bill in conjunction with Senate Bill 963.

SB 963 amends the Uniform Condominium Act by furthering the abilities of older communities to amend their declaration of covenants in order to better serve and provide for the members of their communities. The amended HB 2295 passed the senate on Monday June 30, 2008, and after having passed for the second time in the House yesterday, will now move to Governor Rendell for final approval.

The Community Associations Institute of Pennsylvania’s Legislative Action Committee has long supported HB 2295, as well as SB 963. HB 2295 is a very important and positive piece of legislation which will enable associations to provide the highest level of service to unit owners.