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Fees and Costs for Attorney Representation for Social Security Disability Benefits

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In case you were unaware, the fees for all attorneys who represent claimants seeking Social Security Disability Benefits are regulated by federal law. Furthermore, these fees are contingent on the attorney’s ability to successfully get an award of benefits for the claimant. In other words, if the attorney is not able to obtain an award… Continue Reading

Government Cracks Down on Hospitals with High Rates of Complications

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Since 2008, Medicare has refused to reimburse hospitals for the cost of treating patients who suffer avoidable medical complications. Although technically Medicare can actually expel a hospital with high rates of errors from the Medicare program, this is very rarely done. However, in 2015, the federal government did cut payments to 721 hospitals which possessed… Continue Reading

The Key Differences between Medicare and Medicaid

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For those unsure or unaware, Medicare and Medicaid are both government health insurance programs. However, they are still different programs, and therefore require different eligibility requirements and different coverage. Essentially, Medicare is a government program designed to provide health insurance coverage for the elderly and disabled. On the other hand, Medicaid is a needs program,… Continue Reading

The Spousal Retirement Benefit: Social Security’s Best-Kept Secret

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The Spousal Retirement Benefit offered by Social Security is a little known and poorly advertised gender-neutral benefit, which is available to any person who is 62 years old and whose spouse has filed for his or her retirement benefits. The benefit to the spouse is based on the retiring/retired worker’s earnings. The spousal benefit can… Continue Reading

Medicare Makes House Calls: The “Independent at Home” Project

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Medicare is now in its third year of testing their “Independent at Home” project, which was created by the Affordable Care Act. This program provides Medicare’s frailest senior citizen patients, who all suffer from multiple chronic conditions, with house calls by healthcare professionals. These are Medicare’s most expensive type of patient, because they are often… Continue Reading