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Updating Reinforcing Steel and Post-Tensioning Standards

Posted in Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation

Industry stakeholders, contractors, and industry associations recently provided testimony at an OSHA public hearing regarding reinforcing steel and post-tensioning standards. As reported by The Ironworker, the rationale for pursuing new standards is: The current OSHA standard written in 1971 is antiquated and only contains three references specifically pertaining to reinforcing steel and two for post… Continue Reading

Electric Scooters Recalled

Posted in Personal Injury

As of January 24, 2017, Pulse Performance Products, a division of Bravo Sports, has commenced a Fast Track Recall with the assistance of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall children’s electric scooters.

Deadly Dozen Activities and Hazards

Posted in Personal Injury

The primary cause of fatalities and serious injury on the jobsite can be narrowed down to twelve hazardous conditions. The Ironworkers union refers to these as the Deadly Dozen Hazards and has committed to a long term educational campaign to help workers spot and correct hazards before they become deadly. The Deadly Dozen

Trampoline Park Injuries

Posted in Personal Injury

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and in the State of New Jersey the explosion of trampoline park openings continues. These facilities insist that lengthy Releases/Waivers of Liability are executed which purportedly bar any claims arising out of injury that may occur based on ordinary negligence of the facility or its employees or agents. If their… Continue Reading

Ironworkers ZERO Fatality-Incident Campaign

Posted in Personal Injury

During the past year the Ironworkers ZERO Fatality-Incident Campaign commissioned by General President Eric Dean, and the IMPACT board of trustees, concentrated on training and communication measures to the improve safety for ironworkers while on the job. The overarching goal of the campaign is to improve safety skills and knowledge.

Wearable Tech Injuries on the Rise: McDonalds recalls Happy Meal Fitness Trackers

Posted in Mass Tort, Personal Injury

McDonalds has recalled 29 million Happy Meal toy fitness trackers in the U.S. and Canada because of reported rash and burn injuries. The McDonalds “Step It” trackers included two versions of brightly colored, wearable tech: one that counts steps, and one that signals walking speed with flashes of light. These Step It “toys” are not high… Continue Reading

The Motor Vehicle Exception to Government Immunity in Pennsylvania

Posted in Personal Injury, Vehicle Accident

For those unaware, government immunity is the doctrine that provides federal, state, and local governments with immunity against certain legal claims arising out of torts committed by a government employee, official, or agent. The doctrine comes from English law, which held that the crown could do no wrong. What this means today in Pennsylvania, in… Continue Reading